The only river-based tour boat on the James River in Williamsburg, Virginia… Enjoy the sights and sounds along the river and learn more about our beautiful area. Our spacious U.S.C.G. Certified pontoon boat is able to accomodate up to 28 passengers comfortably, and provides guests with an amazing view from  the vessel.

Our tour boat also has a restroom on board that is handicapped accessible. Jamestown Discovery Boat Tours departs from the James City County Marina locasted at 2054 Jamestown Road in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Jamestown Haunted River Cruise

When the English colonists arrived in 1607, they chose the site of Jamestown for several reasons. Firstly, it was surrounded by water on three sides (not yet an island at that point) and tucked far enough inland, making it easily defensible from the Spanish. Secondly it was not being inhabited by the Powhatans, which they soon find out why.

During the summer of 1609, there was a severe drought, shortly after which new English ships arrived packed with more mouths to feed. The Powhatans, facing their own shortages, cut off trade. When the colonists began taking food by force, the Powhatans retaliated by laying siege on the fort. By winter of 1609/10, they were all but confined to the fort, unable to hunt or fish. To make matters worse, the location they had chosen lies in a zone of the river that’s surrounded by salt water during certain periods of the year. Between the saltwater and a nearby swamp seeping into their wells, they quickly passed the safety zone for human consumption.

At the start of that winter, we now refer to as “the Starving Time”, five hundred souls lived in the Jamestown settlement. Without food or fresh drinking water, the colonists became very desperate and began eating their horses, dogs, rats, poisonous snakes and anything they could find. Others even committed monstrous acts during that starving period. One man it was said even killed and ate his wife. By the end of that winter, only sixty people survived.

With such tragic beginnings, it is no wonder why Jamestown seems to be haunted. In fact, locals believe that there is something not “quite right” about Jamestown.

Come, if you dare, creep through the haunted James River, and see Jamestown Island at night…you may hear and see things you may not believe. Listen to the scariest Ghost stories in Williamsburg as we travel along its historic waterways…

$30 | 1 Hour Boat Tour

Every Thurs-Sat, 8:30pm & 9:00pm




Jamestown Murder Cruise

Come venture the first and only river-based murder tour in the Historic Triangle. Listen to the gruesome tales of murder and mayhem that happened in our area. Something that locals refuse to talk about…

$30 | 1 Hour Boat Tour

Select Days & Nights




Pirate Tales of the Chesapeake

For many, the term pirate conjures up images from the so-called Golden Age of piracy, and few places saw more conflict or collusion with pirates than along the coastlines of Virginia. With its intricate network of rivers, bays and inlets, these sea lanes once teemed with black flags.

For centuries fortune hunters seeking buried treasure have dug into the banks of the Chesapeake Bay….and we have a pretty good idea where some of that treasure may be.  Join us as we navigate the banks of the James River to hear the untold tales and legends of the most notorious pirates who once terrorized the Chesapeake Bay region.

$30 for Adults | $26 Kids

1 Hour Boat Tour

Thurs & Fri, 7:15pm




Jamestown Sightseeing Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the James River. Take in the natural sights and sounds along the river and learn more about our beautiful Historic area. During this tour you’ll experience the picturesque Jamestown Settlement and the Historic Island where it all happened in 1607.

Jamestown Sunset Cruise

Cruise the Powhatan Creek catching glimpses of the natural wildlife along the way. Head out to the Historic Island while taking in the most beautiful sunsets the James River has to offer. Snacks, drinks, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are welcome.

Private Charters

For a truly unique experience you can book a private charter and customize your tour to your tastes. Create everlasting memories with family and friends, host special events, fund raisers, birthday parties, great for school groups, corporate team building, etc. The possibilities are endless! All are welcome for any size group up to 28 passengers.

Live Entertainment Sunset Cruise

Enjoy live entertainment from an ever-changing cast of talented local artists while we cruise the Powhatan Creek. Take in the beautiful sights and sounds while enjoying the picturesque sunset on the water. Snacks, soft drinks & hors d’oeuvres included.

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